Monday, March 28, 2016

Special Delivery

My first #ExpertGear package!
I waited for what seemed ages. I couldn’t help but get exited each time I heard my mailbox lid close. It was like being a kid at Christmas time; that jubilant expectation. I had received an email several weeks earlier indicating that I had made the cut with Experticity’s new #ExpertGear program. Questions filled my head. What would they be sending me to review? Would it be something I could even test? How much feedback would they want? What would happen if I gave it a bad review?

All of those questions evaporated the day my first box arrived. I quickly ran into the kitchen to find a pair of scissors to open the box. I hesitated, thinking how cool would it be to video my unboxing. I’ve seen countless YouTube unboxing videos and wondered if I could make mine successful as well. All thoughts of doing a video went out the window when I realized my GoPro batteries were dead. I couldn’t wait any longer. I just had to see what was in the box.

Behold: The UP2!
My first impression was to say an explicative followed closely by a huge smile. I had been sent a Jawbone UP2 fitness tracker as my first #ExpertGear assignment. The tracker which I received was their Gunmetal Hex color with the Lightweight thin straps. At this point in my review I must confess that I already own a Jawbone UP as well as a Fitbit. So my review is going to be based off of my experiences with those two fitness trackers and how the UP2 compares. 

Great package presentation by Experticity
Over the next several weeks I will be wearing the UP2 fitness tracker as I go about my daily routine. I will also make it a point to go out and "put it through it's paces" so to speak. Check back for periodic updates and the ultimate gear review. Until then keep taking your kids outdoors…

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