Friday, July 15, 2016

#ExpertGear Unboxing #2

The insert card from my most recent #ExpertGear delivery.
Two pieces of gear successfully tested just in time for the third box to show up! Below is a link to my unboxing of my third shipment from Experticity for their #ExpertGear program. I apologize in advance for the poor audio quality. I pulled a rookie move and forgot to switch out the back of the case on my Go Pro so that you could hear me talking. Lesson learned. Below is a full list of what arrive in my box. I look forward to testing out all these new items in the coming days. Until then keep taking your kids outdoors...

My shipment of goodies!
Amazing Grass 
  1. Shaker Cup
  2. Protein Superfood (Chocolate Peanut Butter Flavor)
  3. Green Superfoof (Detox & Digest)
  1. Organic Energy Food (Apple Cinnamon Outmeal)
  1. Energy Gel (Tri-Berry)
  2. Energy Chews (Salted Caramel Apple)
  1. 2 Snack Bars (Nuts, Seeds & Roasted Serrano)
  1. Exercise Hydration Mix (Lemons + Limes)
  2. Fruit Drops Energy Chews (Raspberry)

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